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Devialet is a French speaker manufacturer that has been developing innovative audio products since 2007. Their talented team of sound engineers, including Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, Quentin Sannie, and Emmanuel Nardin, has revolutionized the audio industry with its exclusive, proprietary technologies. Devialet has earned 88 patents and 50 awards, establishing them as an international leader in the development of wireless speakers, amplifiers, and sound solutions. Their motto is, “excellence, innovation, and constant challenge.” The heart of their brand is creating emotional experiences through music. Devialet is sure to give you a unique listening experience for a variety of applications, including listening rooms, home theaters, and multi-room music. With sound that shakes your bones and exclusive design, you won’t have to look any further than this brand to experience the best in premium audio.


The Phantom

Critically acclaimed as “the best wireless speaker in the world,” the Phantom delivers implosive sound with the convenience of mobile control and multi-room music. With 3,000 watts, zero distortion and zero saturation, you’ll

experience ultra-dense sound with power and preciseness unlike anything you have heard before. Discover a true richness to the songs you’ve heard many times before and a sound with physical impact.

The Expert

Devialet’s Expert sound system is simple in style, but complicated in construction featuring exclusive technology built by the world’s best sound engineers.

This system has all of the key components of expert playback – preamplifier, amplifier, streamer, and phono stage – in one thin slab.

The Spark

Spark is an easy-to-use app that allows you to control all of your music through the Phantom wireless speaker. Simply add the app to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer and then select a music source, such as Tidal and Deezer, or your personal collections on CD or MP3. By

connecting multiple Phantoms in each room, you can play the same song throughout your entire property, or different channels in different rooms. This unique application also allows you to share music with friends and create collaborative playlists in real time.


SAM stands for Speaker Active Matching. When incorporated into a Devialet system, you can enable the precise adaptation of the sound signal to the

specifications of your speaker model. Over 497 speakers can benefit from SAM technology, and Devialet is committed to making all speakers around the world SAM ready.