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Articles tagged with: Smart Home Automation

What it’s Like to Live in a Smart Home

Experience Home Automation in Florida with Innovative Lifestyles

What it’s Like to Live in a Smart Home

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a smart home, but have never gotten the chance to experience it? The good news is that you can read this blog to get an idea, and then visit our showroom to have a hands-on experience actually using the technology. Today, most people think of smart refrigerators or washing machines when it comes to home automation. But the truth is that it’s more about connected living, one-touch controls, and simplicity. Read on to discover a day in the life of a smart home in the areas of Fort Myers, Captiva Island, or Sanibel, Florida. 

TAGS: Smart Home Automation

The Top 3 Benefits of Installing Motorized Shades in Your Fort Myers Home

Smart Shades are an Essential Feature in a Florida Smart Home

The Top 3 Benefits of Installing Motorized Shades in Your Fort Myers Home

They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing. Fort Myers has an average of 266 days of sun every year, and that number is higher than any of the other major city in Florida. With so much sun it’s important to have shades or curtains in the house. But what if you have a very large property? Or what if you have windows or skylights that are hard to reach? Motorized shades are the perfect solution for the home in Fort Myers, Sanibel or Captiva Island with lots of sun. Even when it’s cloudy or rainy shades are still valuable. Here are our top 3 reasons why installing smart shades in your Florida home is essential.

TAGS: Motorized Shades | Smart Home Automation

New Home Automation Products from Crestron

Control Everything in Your Home with Crestron

New Home Automation Products from Crestron

“Technology should simplify your life, not complicate it.” That is the key message from Crestron. A system should be sophisticated enough to power and control every feature of your Sarasota, Florida home, but easy enough for anyone to use. Crestron has been a leader for decades in both commercial and home automation products. Innovative Lifestyles uses Crestron products and systems because it is a brand you can trust to deliver top-notch performance. They are constantly updating their products to be better, and this year they announced new additions to their line-up at CEDIA 2015. Here is a recap of everything new Crestron has to offer, and some of the services we can install in your home to make your life simpler.

TAGS: automated lighting control system | Smart Home Automation

4 Home Theater Essentials For Your Florida Home

Ensure Your Dedicated Home Theater in Sarasota Has Every Feature

4 Home Theater Essentials For Your Florida Home

When it’s too hot, too rainy, or just too uncomfortable to go out in Sarasota, Florida, it’s nice to be able to relax at home in your own dedicated home theater. Up till now, we’ve shown you the steps to getting started on constructing one, and some of the newest features like 4K.

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5 Steps to Constructing a Dedicated Home Theater

This time around we’ll discuss the essentials you need to make your home theater a relaxing and fun retreat.

TAGS: Dedicated Home Theater | high fidelity sound | smart home automation | Ultra High Definition