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What Are the Latest Features of Remote Motorized Shades?

Innovative Lifestyles Reveals the Best Solutions in Automated Shading

What Are the Latest Features of Remote Motorized Shades?

Do you have a home in the Naples, Florida area and have hard-to-reach windows? Or maybe the heat and sunshine gets so overwhelming that you have trouble controlling the temperature of your home. Remote motorized shades are not only easy to use and affordable, but they can also solve a lot of problems in the home, like wasted energy, overheating, screen glare, and furniture damage. In this blog, we’ll show you the latest in window treatment technology and all of your options. Here are the different types of shades we can install in your home.

Solar Shades

The effects of sunlight can be very harsh on your home. UV rays can damage your furniture, artwork, carpet, and other valuables. Solar shades are the perfect solution for protecting your expensive furnishings because they block out UV rays. Crestron offers more than 400 fabrics to choose from, ranging in color, pattern, and fabric quality. Innovative Lifestyles is also an exclusive dealer of Creation Baumann shade fabrics, giving you even more options when it comes to shade style and design. You could pick a translucent fabric, allowing you to see out of the shade, or blackout fabrics, which completely block the sunlight. Lighter fabrics reflect light, while darker fabrics absorb light and energy.

Either shade type can be useful when you want to brighten a room, protect it, or keep it cooler. Whichever fabric or pattern you choose, we can ensure it blocks out those harmful rays and preserves your valuables.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are the perfect addition to any bedroom, or other place you want to completely stop sunlight from coming into your home. Use them when you want to sleep in, or take an afternoon nap. Or, put them in every room to make sure you keep the house cool and save energy. In addition, blackout fabrics provide advanced light blockage, privacy, glare control, and a dramatic reduction in solar heat gain.

Motorized Draperies

For families who prefer the look of a hanging drape, Crestron offers motorized draperies. They provide super-quiet, elegant, and convenient control of your curtains, pleated or accordion-style drapes, and move the pieces of fabric horizontally. With this style, you can maintain the vintage, old-style look of your home and still update it with smart home technology. Just like the roller shades, we have a lot of colors and patterns to offer you.

Double Roller Applications

If you want to switch between two different types of shades, we can install a double roller application. This special system allows two shades to be controlled using a dual bracket. A great way to take advantage of this option is to use a light-colored solar shade during the daytime to protect furnishings, maximize the use of daylight, and save energy by keeping the home cool. Then in the evening, lower a blackout shade to maintain your privacy and block out the morning sun. Double roller shades are also useful in a home theater or media room when you want to watch a movie and reduce glare on the TV.

Our professionals make staying up-to-date on home automation technology a priority. We have the latest products for your home so you don’t have to worry about your recently installed technology being obsolete. Contact Innovative Lifestyles and see how these shading solutions can make your life easier.