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What are the Benefits of Installing Automated Lighting Control in Your Florida Home?

Innovative Lifestyles Reveals the Best Features of Lighting Solutions

What are the Benefits of Installing Automated Lighting Control in Your Florida Home?

Home automation can benefit your home in the Naples, Florida area in a lot of ways, and automated lighting control is one of the main features that can add convenience and simplicity to your daily routine.   

In this blog, Innovative Lifestyles shows you three incredible benefits of a professionally installed lighting control system. It’s a lot more than just adding dimmers and fancy switches. 

Saving Money and Energy

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Americans are increasingly using more energy for electronics and lighting, while expenditures for heating and cooling are going down. Lighting has the most potential to affect your electric bill, especially if you have a big house, lead a busy lifestyle, or are simply forgetful.

By using an automated lighting control system, you can save 10% or more on your electricity bill. Dimming the lights during peak lighting hours can also save you 20% in energy usage. Here are some ways you can save with a control system:

·     Install dimmers that can lower light levels at various times.

·     Create special settings so your home can automatically turn off lights at specific times.

·     Use motion sensors to trigger lights to turn off when no one is in a room.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

Home automation is all about comfort and convenience. Designing a system that is easy-to-use is essential to any system you put in your home. Imagine reclining on the sofa after a long, hard day at work and then pressing a button on your iPad to dim the lights for your favorite TV show or sports game. Any activity in your home can be customized with lighting control.

The best part is that it doesn’t matter how busy you are, automated lighting takes the work out of managing a home. Hit a button and you’re ready to rush to work or jet out to a vacation stay in the Bahamas. Innovative Lifestyles can design a system that makes your life easier and simpler.

Adding Beauty to Your Décor

With our lighting systems, you have so many options for custom wall accents and accessories, as well as wired or wireless systems. We have a wide range of colors for the keypads so that they blend in with the interior design.

Do you have a beach house theme and need an ocean blue-colored wall plate to match the backsplash? You’ll have plenty of options with our team. You can also customize the backlighting on the switches, buttons, and status indicators, and add splashes of light to any part of the home to bring attention to special interior designs.

Our keypads also come in many different styles so that guests and family members can easily use them.

Are you ready to save and simplify your life? Give us a call at (239) 591-4673 or fill out the contact form on our website. We’re ready to light up your world with style. 

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