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Top Advantages of Integrated Shading & Lighting

How These Automated Solutions Benefit Your Living Space & Lifestyle

Top Advantages of Integrated Shading & Lighting

On their own, custom window treatments provide a variety of benefits for your Naples, FL living space and lifestyle. But with integrated lighting solutions and more, the possibilities for a comprehensive shading setup are endless.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the many ways motorized shades can enhance your everyday routine – and can be the unexpected key component to bring together your whole smart home. Get started on creating a welcoming and comfortable at-home atmosphere with this smart technology. Learn what automated shading has to offer your property by reading on below!

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Optimize Your Shading & Lighting Integration

Automated lighting and shading deliver transformative features for your entire home. When these two smart features work in tandem, you will be able to experience every room of your home in a new way.

Pressing a single button on your smart device can instantly set the scene in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room by simply adjusting your lighting fixtures and shades to just the right degree. When the sun’s light is too intense, your shades can lower to shield your eyes and interiors from its harsh rays. At the same time, your lights can also brighten to accommodate for the dimmed lighting.

When the sun is less bright, your shades can raise, and your lights can dim to allow gentle, natural lighting to envelop your rooms. This centralized setup allows for specific “scenes” where your shading and lighting can adjust accordingly. For a “movie night,” your home theater’s blackout shades can lower, and your lights can nearly shut off completely. For a “wake up call,” your bedroom’s sheer shades can raise to let the sunlight in, as your lights also slowly brighten to get you up and ready for the day. Add some music via your audio distribution system, and you’re set!

Easy Energy Management

With motorized shades, you can also significantly reduce your energy usage! By integrating climate control, your shades can communicate with your smart thermostat so that your HVAC system never works overtime or drives your energy usage and bills up.

Your shades automatically provide insulation for your whole home. When we professionally install them, there is an “air gap” created between the window glass and shading material that traps warm or cold air inside – and prevents it from leaking out the window.

But if your home temperature starts to raise or lower even a degree away from your desired setting, your smart thermostat can alert your shades so that they can lower or raise depending on what the target temp is. This setup keeps your home comfortable and stops your HVAC system from overworking. You’ll notice your energy savings and lowered bills each month!

Customized Shading Styles

If you have a vision of what motorized shades will look like in your home, you more than likely don’t realize there are an unlimited variety of custom shading styles available for any area of your home. Whether you prefer shades from Hartmann&Forbes, Création Baumann, or Crestron – all these trusted brands offer quality materials and detailed designs in styles to match your specific room layout or ambiance.

Roman and roller shades are perfect for simplistic, modern embellishments to a room that might be busy or that doesn’t need additional components to its design. Drapes and honeycomb shade are ideal for more traditional settings – honeycomb shades also have built-in “air gaps” to provide even more insulation for your home.

Choose different colors, go with sheer or blackout styles, and customize design patterns and fabrics to match your unique flair and themed rooms. Custom window treatments are meant to add and elevate your living space, always.

Are you looking to bring motorized shades, lighting solutions, and more to create your fully integrated smart home? Give our team at Innovative Lifestyles a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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