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The Key Features of a Professional Home Lighting Design

The Key Features of a Professional Home Lighting Design

With just a tap of a button, lighting can significantly alter and enhance any living space. When it comes to your overall home lighting design, you deserve a professional installation to ensure your setup illuminates and elevates your property at all times.

Our trusted lighting design services bring high-end solutions and integrated systems to homeowners in the Naples, FL area and beyond. How can smart lighting control impact your home – and why is working with an experienced team like ours at Innovative Lifestyles a must for your upcoming project? Keep reading on below to learn more.

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The Impact of Lighting Control & Automation

Your home’s lighting is transformative. And in order to create a personalized lighting design that gives your interiors and whole lifestyle a boost, you need a smart lighting control and automation system. A proper lighting system matches your preferences, improves your existing décor, and simplifies everyday life.

Press a button or even say a voice command to dim the lights, brighten up a room, or turn off every fixture throughout your property before bed. Set up automated “scenes” that illuminate and prepare a space for any occasion, and schedule set timers for your landscape lighting to turn on gradually as the sun sets. Immediately, your home can both feel and look how you want. This level of luxury is only found with a professional lighting design and installation.

A Professional Team for Every Type of Installation

No matter what type of lighting installation you have envisioned, Innovative Lifestyles can make it a reality for your living space. Whether you want to retrofit an older, out-of-date lighting system or bring in a brand-new installation, our team makes the most of every project. We communicate consistently and effectively across the board, ensuring everyone involved stays in the loop – from the interior designers and architects to you, the client.

Keeping you in the loop from pre-planning to implementation and delivering a luxurious, high-end result is our primary goal. For every project, we aim to provide a customized lighting system and design that exceeds your expectations.

Working with Only the Most-Trusted Brands

Working with Innovative Lifestyles means access to our extensive knowledge of the lighting and smart automation industry. Not only do we know the best solutions and fixtures for your lighting design, but we also work with only the very best, most-trusted brands. We integrate systems from brands like DMF Lighting, Crestron, Coastal Source, and many more. Successfully finding the finest technologies required for your specific lighting design is yet another aspect of our installations where we excel.

Solutions that Integrate Seamlessly

Integrating smart solutions into your system should be easy. Our team’s lighting design services always deliver the elegant, thought-out set-up you had been visualizing all along. We craft a scalable system that can be built upon and continually integrated with other solutions, such as motorized shades. Create scenes that can dim your family room lights, lower your Hartmann&Forbes shading, and turn on your porch lighting in just one go. Our professional installations make it all that easy.

Every one of our projects is handled with care from start to finish. For your own lighting system, a professional installation is the only route to go. Work with Innovative Lifestyles today for superior lighting design services every time.

Feel free to give us a call at (239) 591-4673 or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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