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The Future is Here: LG 4K OLED and Cinemaframe Technology

Enjoy Incredible Picture Quality and Stylish Design with Our Home Theater Essentials

The Future is Here: LG 4K OLED and Cinemaframe Technology

The video giant LG is right, the future is here. Now you can enjoy the best in picture quality with a 4K TV and not sacrifice style either. In this blog, we’ll cover the incredible new technology LG is bringing to families everywhere—LG 4K OLED TVs, as well as the world’s first completely concealed home entertainment system—Cinemaframe. We really think you will love both of these products in your Sarasota, Florida home.

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With an LG 4K UHD OLED TV, you get to enjoy your favorite movies and shows in bright, vibrant colors and precise detail. So what makes OLED better? OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. The reason it's better than a regular LED TV is because in an OLED all of the lights are "LED", whereas an "LED" only features LED back lighting. LG pioneered this technology and their new TVs have won dozens of awards, including best in show at CES 2016.

While picture resolution is important—you want more pixels for image clarity—the quality of the color, brightness, and contrast is just as crucial. Have you ever walked into a store and browsed the TVs and felt that the best one was the brightest set? It may not have had the very best resolution, but since the colors popped and the brightness caught your eye, you were drawn to that model. The reason for that is because the contrast ratio is a key indicator of picture quality. LG’s OLED TVs have self-lighting pixels that can turn off completely and achieve perfect black so that the colors come alive with incredible detail. They also reveal a wide array of accurate colors. Did you know that the human eye can process thousands of shades of every color? In order to present those colors to your eyes, you need the right technology.

When you pair OLED technology with 4K the result is astounding. The images pop, and the details are stunning. While an HD set with 1080p resolution has a little over 2 million pixels, 4K TVs have about 8 million. That’s a huge difference. And now that more content is becoming available through servers like Kaleidescape and streaming networks like Netflix, now is a great time to upgrade you home theater or media room.


Do you hate clutter and dislike seeing black boxes, bulky speakers, and wires everywhere in your living room? Cinemaframe has a stylish solution to conceal all of that video equipment. All you’ll see is the screen surrounded by an acoustically transparent fabric that comes in many colors to complement your interior design. All the speakers, wires, electronic devices, and audio/video sources are tucked away in the wall behind the TV that is flush to the wall. Cinemaframe’s 7.2 channel audio system fills the room with astonishing sound. The entertainment system can also be integrated into your smart home automation platform so you can control all of that exciting media content with a convenient mobile device, like an iPad or smartphone.

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