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Integrate Wellness Design in the Home: Part One - Crestron and Delos

Tunable Lighting Benefits Your Body & Mind

Integrate Wellness Design in the Home: Part One  - Crestron and Delos

Improving your home’s wellness has become an even higher priority this year. From your air purification and drinking water to the home environment you create for yourself – it all contributes to your physical and mental health.

One of these home wellness solutions you can bring into your Naples, FL living space is tunable lighting. This lighting setup from Crestron and Delos has endless benefits, and we’ll dive into those and more in this blog. Read on below!

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Tunable Lighting: Why It’s Important

When we spend the majority of our day inside, we miss out on soaking up crucial sunlight that our body and mind crave. Staying indoors all day can happen quite easily, especially this year. However, lack of natural lighting will eventually lead to your circadian rhythm becoming unbalanced and irregular. When this happens, you’ll notice. You’ll feel yourself growing sluggish and lethargic, even in the middle of the day.

Staying indoors shouldn’t mean your mental and physical health should suffer as a consequence. With a tunable lighting installation, you can bring the “sunlight” into your own home.

Benefits of Tunable Lighting

So how does tunable lighting work? Your system continually aims to mimic the sun’s patterns in the sky, so even when you haven’t left your home’s walls, your body and mind will respond as if they’re experiencing natural lighting all day long. This means that when you wake up in the morning, you’re met with dimmed warm lighting to help you adjust to the day, as though the sunrise was right in your bedroom.

Your lighting will adjust throughout the day, shifting to a bluer white lighting hue that promotes productivity and motivates you to keep working during those mid-day hours when you might normally dip in energy. Then, as the evening comes around, your lighting will then transition to a warmer glow once again, mimicking candlelight or the sunset. This gets you ready for bed and tells your body and mind that it’s time for sleep.

Once you go to bed and then wake up the next morning, the cycle starts anew! Your circadian rhythm stays in balance, and you’ll feel revitalized and ready to face each day with a renewed energy, both physically and mentally. This is the wellness that tunable lighting brings to your whole home.

Crestron & Delos

Delos’ DARWIN platform makes operating your lighting easy for everyone in the house. Now that Delos is partnered with Crestron, you can seamlessly integrate its Home Wellness Intelligence Network with your Crestron 3-Series Control System.

You can now control your whole home and its many solutions, including tunable lighting and much more, without even noticing a user interface difference from when you’re managing DARWIN or your Crestron system. This centralized integration means home wellness is that much more attainable and effortless.

Learn more about tunable lighting and this Crestron and Delos collaboration by giving our team a call or filling out our online contact form here. And be sure to check back in with our part two in this wellness series to see how more innovative solutions can better promote wellness throughout your home!

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