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Innovative Lifestyles Enhances Your Home’s Soundtracks with Superior Audio Distribution Systems

Explore How Installing Whole Home Music Puts Audio Control in Your Hands

Innovative Lifestyles Enhances Your Home’s Soundtracks with Superior Audio Distribution Systems

If you love music, you probably listen to your favorite artists wherever you go—inside and outside the home. Whole-house audio systems installed by Innovative Lifestyles not only simplify your life, but they also provide a listening experience that is truly unique.

Instead of moving around devices from room to room, you can install an audio distribution system that plays music in every space, including outdoors. Wired and wireless distributed audio solutions and intuitive controls are perfect for any home—whether it is in Naples, Florida or Southwest Florida and beyond.

Our multi-room audio systems let you enjoy music from many different audio sources—such as XM® radio, Pandora, CD players, and your iPod®— all at the same time. Even better, most systems can be controlled from your mobile device—such as an iPhone, Android or iPad—so that you can continue to update your music library and change tracks on the go.

When Innovative Lifestyles installs a multi-room system, fighting over the music controls will be a distant memory. You’ll be able to master your environment in each room, feeling more comfortable than ever before. So if your teen’s birthday party downstairs gets too loud, you can just turn down the music volume from your bedroom. Every melody is in your hands at just the touch of a button.

So what are the parameters for installing a new whole-home audio system? In the following portion of this blog, we assure you that no situation is too difficult for us to accommodate.

Constructing a New Home

Building a new home is the perfect time to install a whole-house audio system. You can pick the rooms you want to place speakers in, choose what kind of receivers are best, and put the keypads and touchscreens in the spots that are most convenient for every-day life. All of the wiring, cabling, and brackets can be put into place to establish a clean look when the home is finished.

Adding to Your Spaces

Even if your home is older, we can update it with the latest technologies. You can add music sources, speakers, or more rooms to an existing system if your preferences change. Once we have finished crafting your whole-house audio system, you still have options to expand it in the future. Innovative Lifestyles makes it easy to update and enhance your home at any time.

Innovative Lifestyles can make sure that from your system’s wires to your speaker placement, your electronics bring you the best sound without affecting the style of your home’s decor. We can even completely hide your audio hardware so you can’t see where the music is coming from!

Let our experienced professionals design the perfect audio setup for your home. The soundtrack for your life won’t be interrupted, it will just get more beautiful, better, and unbelievably easier to manage. Contact Innovative Lifestyles today by calling us at (239) 591-4673 or filling out the contact form on our website. Great whole home audio starts here.

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