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How to Build a Robust and Reliable Network

Innovative Lifestyles Provides Florida Families with Cisco Network Systems

How to Build a Robust and Reliable Network

We live in a mobile world. With Internet access you can stay connected to your home in the Naples, Florida area -- anytime, anywhere, and on a myriad of devices. Of course, without it you’ll get lost in the shuffle and may miss out on getting work done, or simply enjoying your favorite entertainment at home. It’s crucial in today’s marketplace to have a reliable and robust network. This time around we’ll show you the importance of having a strong network for your smart home, and how we can provide a solution for you with Cisco Network Systems.

The Issue:

Have you ever come home from work, turned on the TV to watch your favorite show on Netflix but the program cuts in and out? Or maybe you have a home office that needs to stay connected to your company’s network, but you can never achieve a consistent connection. There may be a number of reasons your Internet service just isn’t cutting it.

        1.      Your Internet Service Provider isn’t powerful enough to support all of your home technology.

Did you know that Internet Service Providers were never meant to handle the high demands of the audio and video services in modern homes? High-bandwidth devices place pressure on home networks. Companies try to deliver faster Internet speeds, but many homes aren’t capable of handling them.

2.      Your home’s location or layout prevents you from getting a strong signal.

One reason why you may sometimes get a poor connection is because of the layout of your home. Wi-Fi signals can reach 100 ft. or more, but obstructions like concrete walls can reduce the range. High elevations and other obstacles around your property can also affect your signal.

3.      You don’t have a secure location to store all of your content.

Large amounts of content, as well as the type of content, can slow down your connection. It takes more time to load high-quality picture, and large libraries can affect performance. If you have a giant music library, or a ton of movies, or lots of important files, you should invest in creating a strong and secure platform (like a cloud) to store all of that content.

The Solution:

We want to help strengthen and expand your home network capabilities so you don’t experience a lagging Internet connection ever again. We use the latest technology to combine wired and wireless data and IP power with local and cloud-based management.

Our partner Cisco has a lot of products that can support all of your devices and activities at home. Instead of storing content on a device, place it on a cloud (a designated platform on the Internet to store data) where you have limitless space. When it comes to supporting a smart home, Innovative Lifestyles can establish a network that will allow you to stay connected to your home—and every function in it—at all times. We can use multiple routers and other networking components to boost the connection throughout your home, and work with you to choose a solution that best suits your needs and your budget.

If you are concerned about hackers, Cisco also provides a secure network that protects all of your information and content. Their experts, tools, and intelligence can help you prepare for potential attacks, improve key defenses, and rapidly recover from security incidents.

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