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How Can UHD 4K Enhance Your Dedicated Home Theater?

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How Can UHD 4K Enhance Your Dedicated Home Theater?

Having a dedicated home theater in your Fort Myers, FL home is a beautiful thing to behold. Comfy seating, elegant floor lighting, and a surround sound system that delivers a proper kick would bring a smile to any guest’s face. But all of this means very little if you’re not watching a UHD 4K image. Before, 4K was only available in commercial theaters. Today, however, Sony has made the technology available to homeowners so that you can have a professional quality picture in your personal movie palace. This time around, we’ll show you how Sony 4K can take your dedicated home theater to the next level.

What is Sony 4K?

Simply put, Sony 4K is the sharpest picture available. The image is made up of four times the number of pixels in a standard HD projection. In a commercial movie theater, this means that you can sit in the front row without noticing any deterioration. In your dedicated home theater, you could sit as close as five feet away and not notice any difference in quality. It’s easy to think of it like thread count in your bedsheets. The higher the thread count, the better, softer and more durable the sheets are. The same goes for Sony 4K – it’s the most luxurious picture around!

But while the number of pixels are most of the equation, Sony has done more to give you the best-looking movie picture available. They have also elevated the contrast ratio top 8,000:1 – that means your darks are as dark as they can be and the bright spots are brighter than ever. This helps recreate images as realistically as possible on the big screen.

Sony 4K TV is Revolutionizing Home Viewing

Sony is now offering 4K Ultra HD televisions, and they are taking the world by storm. While there is not a whole lot of 4K content being broadcast or put on disc yet, you can bet that will change in the next year as 4K TVs become more common in homes across the country. Imagine being able to see every detail of last year’s best picture winner, while also being able to follow every pixel on the screen during the next Super Bowl. Whether you choose a 4K projector or an Ultra HD television, you can bet that you’ll be seeing more than you ever have before.

Currently, you have a few options when it comes to 4K content. Amazon Instant and Netflix shoot and stream some of their original programming in Ultra HD, while many networks are adopting the format for broadcast. Additionally, DirecTV and Comcast are now offering compatible UHD DVR services for Samsung Smart TVs. You can also expect to see 4K Blu-Rays on the shelf this fall, as the Blu-Ray Disc Association has recently announced the official specification for UHD discs. And if you’re a gamer, PC gaming rigs can be hooked up your 4K TV with the ability to upscale the resolution of the image.

Are you ready to upgrade your dedicated home theater or media room with Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K? Contact us to get started today!

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