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Entertain Friends and Family Outdoors with a Whole Home Music System

Have Fun Summer Parties in Sanibel or Captiva with Outdoor Audio

Entertain Friends and Family Outdoors with a Whole Home Music System

Don’t think that your audio options are limited to the walls of your house. Summer is here, and it’s time to move the party outside – along with the whole home music! Outdoor speakers are the perfect solution to make your summer fun, relaxing, and enjoyable. There’s nothing better than hanging out by the pool with friends or family while your favorite music is playing. Our team of professionals can help transform your backyard in Captiva or Sanibel Island into a fun area to entertain, whether you already have some outdoor audiovisuals that need to be updated, or you have a new home and are just getting started on renovations. Read on to discover all that Innovative Lifestyles has to offer. 

Sonance Speakers Give Rock-Solid Audio

There are a lot of different ways you can layout your music system. Completely conceal speakers, or show them off—either way we’re going to deliver amazing sound. Sonance has developed a special line of audio products--called the Sonance Landscape Series that can be placed throughout your landscape. Designed for use outdoors on a deck, patio, or around a pool, their speakers are specifically designed and engineered to withstand weather and temperature extremes. They are water resistant and can take the sweltering Florida heat—preventing damage from the sun’s UV rays. These speakers bring clean and articulate sound while resisting damage from the elements. Nestle them in the foliage, put subwoofers in the ground, or hang them near the tiki bar. By incorporating an audio system into your natural layout, you could be swimming in your pool, listening to your favorite playlist and not even know where the sound is coming from! This is how we can turn your backyard into a haven of sound.

Energize the Party with Cool Controls

Once you have your equipment in place, you need to make sure your controls are simple and easily accessible. Loose or straggling cords can be dangerous for your family and guests, and complicated setups can be frustrating to work with.

One of our premier partners, Crestron, has a mobile app that allows you to control music in your whole home wirelessly. Simply open up the app on your mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, and then select your playlist. You can stream music from a free service like Pandora or Spotify, or draw from your own personal music collection stored on a cloud on the Internet.

We can also install an in-wall touch screen to make your music system easily accessible to guests. All you have to do is walk up, touch the app, and then swipe through the music collection to select your choice. Stream the music to just the outdoor area, or throughout the entire house. A sleek, simple interface on the screen makes the process easy and enjoyable.

Whether you are chilling to some jazz music on your own by the pool, or having a huge dance party outside, a whole home music system will be your handy go-to solution for entertaining. Contact us to learn more about how we can get you going on entertaining family and friends this summer with amazing audio. 

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