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Crestron Smart Home Automation Available in Fort Myers, Florida

Innovative Lifestyles Provides Complete Control of Your Home at Press of a Button

Crestron Smart Home Automation Available in Fort Myers, Florida

If you are a new homeowner or are doing renovations, it may be a good time to consider adding a control system by a top manufacturer like Crestron. They have unique features that not only simplify your life, but also enhance it.

Innovative Lifestyles professionals have years of experience and are Crestron certified. So you can definitely trust us to do a fantastic job, and go above and beyond the rest.

Here are a few of our favorite Crestron home automation features that we think will impress as well as bring amazing benefits to your life.

One Remote Control to Rule Them All

Most people don’t like the confusion of having multiple remotes to turn on the television, or a wall filled with switches that take you multiple tries to find the right light. With just one touch on a sleek Crestron touch panel, tablet, or smartphone, you can turn lights on, draw the shades or turn off the music blasting upstairs. If you just can’t let go of the remote in your hand, Crestron also has handheld remotes that can control every system in your house, including lights, shades, music, video, and more.

Hold the Latest Technology in Your Hands

Crestron has created a new home automation app, called Pyng, which is a quick and easy solution for creating settings and adjusting amenities in your house. It can be downloaded onto an iPad, iPhone or any other Apple device—including the Apple watch. The user can create “scenes” instantly to prepare for planned gatherings, or make an impromptu dinner date. With Pyng, you have access to lights, the thermostat, music, TV, shades, and security and surveillance. Choose the right music and dim the lights then save those settings for the right occasion. Everything works together intelligently and seamlessly, blending technology into your daily routine. So whether you are resting at home or are away on a trip, you stay connected to what’s most important.

Make Your Home Green

Crestron’s systems can tell you when and how rooms are used so you can distribute energy as needed. For example, you can program your system to “wake up” the house at a certain time every morning, and then go into an energy-saving mode when everyone leaves the house. With just one touch, all of this magic can happen. Also, Crestron’s management software makes it easy for you to view the status of every room in the home, allowing you to check on the entire house at a glance.

In addition, Crestron has added some new sensors that detect daylight and occupancy. So your system can turn on and off for you based on the environment.

You can see exact lighting levels, temperature, and music channels from any touch screen or mobile device. Tracking past and current energy consumption is easy and helps you make adjustments during the year.  You’ll know exactly when and where energy can be saved, and in turn save significant amounts on your next electric bill.

Our team wants to truly modernize the way you live. Fill out the contact form on our website and let us bring Crestron home to you.

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