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Building a Home Theater? Work with an Audio/Video Service Provider

Building a Home Theater Is a Huge Undertaking—Here’s Why We Can Help

Building a Home Theater? Work with an Audio/Video Service Provider

Our customers in Naples, FL come to us when they’re ready to install their first home theater because they understand the importance of working with an audio/video service provider who has extensive knowledge of and experience with home theater installations.

Paying for and implementing a home theater is a huge and expensive undertaking. You want to make sure that you do it right because any mistakes can ruin your experience, possibly for years to come.

Here’s why working with a professional is worth your while and how Innovative Lifestyles can help.

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A Totally Synchronized Experience

More than anything else, your home theater design will make or break your experience. It’s not just choosing the right components that make the difference. We take the time to educate our clients on all of the many facets of building a home theater and take into account each client's individual needs and budget.

All our audio-video services hinge on an initial discovery call with our clients. When it comes to theaters, we’ll meet with you to gauge your overall goals. Do you want a completely dedicated movie-watching environment? Or do you want a more versatile space for gaming and watching sports?

We’ll also take a look at any limitations you may have in your home. If your space is too small, has square dimensions, or too much ambient lighting, this can affect the overall performance of your theater. We’ll advise you on the steps to take to optimize your space despite these issues.

Once we agree on a design for your theater, it’s all about implementation: from managing the build-out of the space, installation of all the finishes, lighting, electronics to programming.  We review the different user interfaces available and tailor them to your individual style.  That way you get optimal performance and a seamless way to manage lights, audio, video, and climate from one device to create the perfect escape every time.

Optimizing Your Sound and Video

Even when you’ve optimized your theater to work seamlessly together, that doesn’t mean component quality doesn’t matter at all. You may be trying to figure out why your audio is still a little bit behind the action on the screen or why the screen doesn’t look bright enough.

A big part of the design and implementation process discussed above is ensuring that we use the right components. No amount of design experience will help you get more out of subpar equipment. That’s why we only partner with best-in-class manufacturers in our theater builds.

We love Wisdom Audio. They have great dedicated theater speakers and can give you an experience that blows you away with every movie you watch. Enjoy immersive surround sound with speakers that include room correction technology, so it’s easy to calibrate them to your space.

We also love Sony because they have some of the highest quality flat-panel TVs and projectors in the industry. Their 4K & 8K flat panels are ideal for a more versatile space with ambient lighting, while their 4K digital projectors let you embrace a more classic cinema feel.

Ready to Build the Home Theater of Your Dreams?

We’ve worked with plenty of Naples, FL residents to help them build the home theater of their dreams. Call us at (239) 591-4673 or fill out this form to connect with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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