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4 Home Theater Essentials For Your Florida Home

Ensure Your Dedicated Home Theater in Sarasota Has Every Feature

4 Home Theater Essentials For Your Florida Home

When it’s too hot, too rainy, or just too uncomfortable to go out in Sarasota, Florida, it’s nice to be able to relax at home in your own dedicated home theater. Up till now, we’ve shown you the steps to getting started on constructing one, and some of the newest features like 4K.

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This time around we’ll discuss the essentials you need to make your home theater a relaxing and fun retreat.


Surround sound systems by top brands like Genelec, Aerial Acoustic, JL Audio and Paradigm immerse you completely in the entertainment experience. We can position all your speakers in key places to deliver high fidelity sound that elevates the action. We can even hide them so you can focus on the picture and beautiful décor, not the equipment. Add extra subwoofers for booming sound, and panels on the wall to prevent echoes and reverberations. We’ll also make sure your neighbor won’t be disturbed by the sound either by sound proofing the room too.


Though you may want a standard theater seat, you really can get whatever you like in a custom home theater. Put a comfy sofa in the room, an electric recliner, even a bean bag! It’s up to you. But, we will still make the acoustics a priority so that the material doesn’t affect sound performance. We’ll also ensure the seating gives you perfect viewing and matches the décor.


When smart home automation is in the palm of your hand, your entire experience becomes even more luxurious. The little details matter, like bringing down the shades, dimming the lights, and dropping the projector all by hitting one button. We can help you personalize your controls too so that you can plan movie nights with friends and family, or have an epic video game battle. Putting the controls in your hands means you get exactly what you want, when you want it.


Ultra High Definition, also known simply as 4K, is the sharpest picture available. The image is made up of four times the number of pixels in a standard HD projection and features bright, vivid colors. In your dedicated home theater, you could sit as close as five feet away and not notice any difference in quality. With a 4K TV by Sony, or a 4K projector from Digital Projection, you’ll be investing in a revolutionary technology that is ahead of our time. Get ahead of the game, and upgrade to 4K.

Whether you’re a full time-resident or have a vacation home in the Sarasota, Florida area, call Innovative Lifestyles at (239) 591-4673 to start constructing a dedicated home theater, or fill out this online form.

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