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3 Ways to Install Lights in Your Florida Home

Innovative Lifestyles Does Crestron Installations in Sarasota Homes

 3 Ways to Install Lights in Your Florida Home

Here at Innovative Lifestyles, we talk a lot about the benefits of having a smart home. A Crestron installation in particular adds a lot of value to your Florida home and affects your day-to-day life because you can save energy, save money, and add security and convenience. In this blog, we will cover how lighting control in particular by Crestron enhances your Sarasota, Florida home.

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Our team can help you make the right choice that will fit your home and budget. Here is an overview of what we offer, just to get you started.

Wired or Centralized Lighting

When you take the time to hardwire all of your lighting, you reap a lot of benefits. First, adding lights to your home during the construction or renovation phase is ideal, and makes it easier for you to get the most control without affecting the interior design and décor. Our primary smart home automation partner Crestron has centralized lighting systems that allow you to hide a lot of the components, like dimmers, so you get a sleek look. We can install elegant keypads or sleek touch screens.

Wireless Lighting

With Crestron’s reliable wireless lighting solutions, you can eliminate the need for complicated wiring and rewiring. We can also integrate your existing wired dimmers, keypads, and switches so that you can control every light in your house with one unified system. You’ll also have easy access to the lighting in any room via a smartphone, tablet or touch screen device. Hit “kitchen” on your tablet and then raise the lighting levels to high when it’s time to cook a meal. Then when you are ready to enjoy dinner with family, enjoy the convenience of hitting a button on a dimmer in the dining room that lowers the lights down. Both keypads and mobile devices work hand in hand to give you a convenient wireless solution.

Combining Wired and Wireless Lighting Solutions

One of the best things about having a Crestron lighting system is that you can combine both wired and wireless solutions into one unique smart system. Every feature of your home will work seamlessly together whether it is wired right into your house or wireless. Your wireless speakers and wired lighting, for example, can be programmed to work together so that all of your favorite solutions are just one touch away. Hit “Home” and your favorite play list will come on and all the lights turn on as you walk in the door from work. Any solution can work together to create the right environment for work or play.

If you would like to add lighting control to your home please fill out our online form. We’d love to brighten your world.

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