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For over 20 years, Aerial Acoustics has been delivering gorgeous speakers that give powerful and precise sound. Founder Mike Kelly has developed some of the most critically-acclaimed loudspeakers on the market, impressing both audiophiles and dealers alike. Their products, ranging from compact loudspeakers to home theater stereo systems, offer highly dynamic sound and beautiful workmanship. Their products deliver a performance that is exceptionally accurate with incredible detail, dynamics, and spatial presentation. You can order the speakers in a variety of styles and finishes, including wood veneers and basic metallic black. Any pick from Aerial Acoustics’ lines would be a worthwhile investment for music enjoyment.




The 20T V2 Loudspeaker

This model is the summation of Kelly’s craftsmanship and dedication to sound engineering. The 20T V2 model delivers vivid, full-range sound that is realistic and true to the original recording. Its proprietary drivers fill up

the room with powerful bass. Adorn this loudspeaker in a natural cherry, metallic black or rosewood finish.

The 5B Compact Loudspeaker

This compact loudspeaker is small enough to sit on a bookshelf, yet produces a remarkably robust and detailed sound. The 5B model is suited for a variety of room locations and sizes. You may also place it on a stand,

inside custom cabinetry or mount it on the wall. You’ll experience natural sound and articulate bass, perfect for enjoying film soundtracks and music of all kinds.

The TheaterWall Sound System 1

This audio system brings professional-grade, cinematic sound to your home theater without using up precious living space. The System 1 is a multi-channel speaker system that surrounds large-format video screens and

includes left, center, and right channel loudspeakers, as well as twin high-output subwoofers. It can be customized to any size screen and any space.